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The Houston Kitchen Remodeling Company Services list

The core service we offer are all related to the Kitchen in your home

Complete Kitchen design and remodelling

Kitchen ideas can cover everything from a white kitchen, country kitchen to an outdoor kitchen.

We do not limit you to a specific style and while those different styles can influence the design and cost of your kitchen we will happily entertain any and all suggestions that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen design or layout.

We are very aware that this kitchen is one that will be in YOUR home and we just need to see that you stick to some best practices – from a design and function point of view – and then supply you with the best priced best quality products that you can find on the market for your design and budget.

We are also aware of the costs involved and design small kitchen and even cheaper layouts for your kitchen.

When it comes to the costs involved in your remodelled kitchen we are happy to advise and suggest ideas to work within your budgets and the costs associated with designing ideas.

For example,. solid wood with fielded panel designs is always going to cost more than the standard doors in the more popular kitchen styles.

Granite can be added in feature areas to watch costs, and then the obvious one – do you really need to fill your available space from edge to edge?

However, at the same time, we are also very aware that if your property is within a city or suburb where every kitchen in those homes have full granite in every kitchen, then you need to know that and consider it carefully when doing the design and costing of your kitchen layout.

The honest truth is that each job is different, each design will have options that are vital and that are additions that can be added by choice or left off without affecting the design or asset value of the property.

please ask our consultants for advice – remember it is what we do every day.


Our range of cabinets allows for features like islands, pantries and different decor styles from modern to classic.

In my experience, I have found that features like islands are often what adds that wow factor and adds the biggest resale value to a property.

BUT, and I beg you to take this advice seriously, you must design for functionality first.

Make the flow of the cooking and preparing processes to work well as a core design concept. Nothing is more irritating than trying to work in a kitchen daily that has a door that opens the wrong way, or a drawer that you like to keep open but is in a bad position.

Knowing that spices, knives and pots are right at your fingertips when you need then while preparing your food and meals will make using your kitchen on a daily basis a joy.

Equally, if you do not take the effort to consider each and every detail in the preparation and cooking process, you run the risk of hating your nice looking kitchen.

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